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Hash is a simplified way for retail investors to easily invest in Emerging Markets and earn returns in USD or LCY starting with as little as $100.

Global Institutional Investors have long been investing in African Financial Markets. Now for the very first time, a simple App which allows everyone living outside Africa invest easily in Africa.

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1.3+ Billion People,
60% Below 25 Years,
Home of the Serengeti.
Fastest Growing Economies, Commodity Rich Continent, $2.2Trillion+ Market Cap, 10+ Robust Financial Markets, Diverse Investments Products.
World Industrial &,
Production Base,
Home of the Tigers.
Asia is forecast to be the region of the world with the largest economy by 2050. All regions would spur this growth; East, West, North to South.
Leading Economies,
600+ Million People,
Home of the Amazon.
Mexico and Brazil are forecast to be part of the world largest economies by 2050. We expect this growth to spill over to the entire region!
Corporate Service Centers,
High Tech Power Houses,
Home of the Alpines.
While Europe may be ageing, other regions in Europe continue to provide the workforce and skills needed to power the entire region
Energy Rich Region,
Strong will to diversify,
Enjoy the Dessert Safari.
With the growing will to diversify the regions economic away from energy, the Middle East would see high growth in other sub sectors.

Diversify your portfolio with high yields in Emerging & Frontier Markets

Emerging & Frontier Markets USD Eurobonds offer higher yields compared to the Developed countries. Also, these Markets Local Currency Bonds offers higher yields which could be hedged for currency exposure to lock yields in USD. Have a look at the Average Country USD Treasury Bond Yields
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Invest in the stocks of some of the best companies in Africa​
Africa has some of the fastest growing companies from Telcom, Technology, Finance, Consumer and Health providing goods and services to a 1.3 billion young and growing population
Invest in some of the best companies in Latin America
The Americas serve as critical trading partners with the United States, Canada and Europe. From agricultural products to stable consumer products, and a growing 600 million people, the region is set to experience healthy economic growth
Invest in some of the best companies in Asia
Asia is the world’s industrial base and home to some of the fastest growing companies from High-Tech, Manufacturing, Finished Consumer Goods with an over 2 billion population forecast to close the wealth gap
Invest in some of the best companies in Europe
Resource rich and labour supply has made Eastern Europe a hub for services all of Europe and Asia. From Service Centers, to Tech hubs, tourism, construction and defense, Eastern Europe growth is forecast to be relative healthy
Invest in some of the best companies in the Middle East
Energy base of the world with a strong will to diversify their economy through technology, finance, tourism, global transportation hub, trade, and Hitech with a very young and ambitious population with great leadership.

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Wherever you live, you can invest with as low as $100

Not just for Immigrants or Diasporas, we’ve got everyone covered globally. Sign up today, pick your favorite stocks, bonds, funds, create a portfolio and start trading and investing.

Your investments can be hedged, so you can really relax!

We provide a bouquet of hedging tools so you can manage currency risk. We work with Local and International Risk Management Firms to provide Futures, Forwards and Currency Insurance, so even when you make investments in LCY, global investors can still earn hedged returns in USD.

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Our US/Global Brokerage Partner is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) which protects securities customers of its members up to $500,000 (including $250,000 claims for cash). Our African Brokerage Partners are members of their respective Sovereign SECs.

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Investing made simple!

All you’ll need is simply download the app, sign up, link your bank account and invest till maturity, no tedious portfolio trading or monitoring activities! Join the waitlist now to reserve your spot in line for priority access.

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Hash products are not FDIC insured. Hash products are ONLY invested in Sovereign African Government Securities which means they are guaranteed by the full faith of the sovereign governments where the funds are invested in. Your investment account is an SIPC insured account that insures your investments up to a value of $500,000 (cash value of up to $250,000). Funds held in your brokerage accounts are not FDIC‐insured but are protected by SIPC. Funds in transit to or from Banks prior to deposit or withdrawal are eligible for FDIC insurance but are not protected by SIPC.

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